5 Improvements You Can Do Now

5 Improvements You Can Do Now


5 Improvements You Can Do Now

You are thinking about making a big decision. You’re selling your home. Now it’s time to start thinking about what to do to enhance its appeal to potential buyers. It’s likely too late for big changes, so instead, consider a less expensive, but more practical approach to selling your home. Here are the upgrades to consider.

  1. Put cutter away. Put away anything you do not use and donate the items you don’t want. ($0-$200)
  2. Paint ceiling, walls, and trim. Include the interior closets. Go a step further by painting interior doors and cabinet fronts. ($100-$5000)
  3. Remove all dirty carpet or re-finish all hardwood floors. ($1000-$5000)
  4. Replace all doorknobs, handles, hinges to match. ($300-$500)
  5. Takedown all old light fixtures – replace with simple and modern fixtures. ($800 – $3000)

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